🇬🇧 co:dify Innovation System Design Cards (Print Crowdfunding + Digital)


With your support pledge, you contribute to the further development of this tool. If we reach 200 pledges, we will physically produce the English version of the cards. You will receive all digital files (PDF, Miro, Mural) even if we don't reach this number.

Back the physical production of the cards and pre-order a printed set of cards (English version). Please read the terms* below!

What's included in this pledge:

  • Printed card deck (137 x 172 mm / 5,4 x 6,8 inches)

  • Shipping worldwide*

  • The PDF full version of the cards (EN, DE)

  • The Miro and Mural boards (EN)

  • A very entertaining surprise* (if we reach the 200 supporters)

* Important! Please read these terms carefully: We will only produce a physical version of the cards once we have collected a critical mass of pledgers (min. 200 orders). Like in a Kickstarter campaign, we will have the cards printed and shipped to all backers only after reaching this number. However, it is not guaranteed that we will achieve this number, and you will not get your support donation back if we do not reach the minimum number of 200 supporter orders.

But don't worry: as a supporter of the production of the physical sets, you will automatically receive a license to use the full version of the PDF and the Mural/Miro boards. This means you can use the boards electronically or print the cards yourself in any case, even in the event that production on our side does not materialize. In any case, we will use your money to develop the electronic versions of the cards further and enrich them with background information.

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